WOW! A Big Thanks!

Created on 07/06/15 by Peter

Hi Guys, just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has reviewed my app and given some much appreciated feedback.

TheReflex651 recently gave a smashing 5 star review of how he was able to use our app to quickly and easily edit a backing track removing an instrumental section in time for an important audition!  All this was done seamlessly and without any audible skip or lag.  He also raised an interesting point on DRM-protected music but since March 2009 Apple have stopped protecting their music2 and for those purchases mp3TrueEdit will work fine.

Many thanks


[1] Wow!!! ★★★★★ 

by TheReflex65 - Version - 2.1.5 - Jun 3, 2015 (US Mac App Store)

I’ve never used audio editing software before, but I urgently needed to cut a minute of instrumental solo out of a vocal backing track prior to an audiiton. This app was very easy to use and within just a few minutes I had deleted the unwanted section of the MP3 track. When I listened to it again, I realized that there was one extra beat that I needed to remove, and was able to do exactly that. Removed just one beat! And the finished product is SEAMLESS, there isn’t any audible skip or lag. You can even slow the track down to 50% speed to allow easier editing. This app is exactly what I needed for shortening vocal audition and performance backing tracks. I am extremely happy with this app! (remember, this won’t work with DRM-protected files, so don’t expect it to edit any [protected] iTunes purchases)


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