mp3TrueEdit 2.1 Released

Created on 15/02/14 by Peter

mp3TrueEdit™ v2.1, is now available for Mac OS X and Windows platforms from this website or the Mac App Store.

What's New in Version 2.1?

Popup guides have now been added to introduce new and useful features as you use mp3TrueEdit.We have also added some powerful playback pitch and tempo adjustment controls that allow you to speed up or slow down playback or change the key during playback – great for transcribing meetings or recording rehearsals for personal practice sessions.

We have greatly improved the 'scrubbing' of audio during playback.  Scrubbing allows audio to be listened to as you scroll along the entire length of a recording during playback and helps you to quickly identify and locate the audio that you want.

We have also added a 'File | Close' command that can help you manually manage your saved files by closing and unlocking all the files in a project in case you wish to replace the original file being edited with an exported (saved) edited version.  Please note however that replacing any audio file included in an mp3TrueEdit project (extension .mteproj) will invalidate that project.

Many other bug fixes and enhancements have also been done to make mp3TrueEdit even easier to use.

For a complete list of new features check out our FAQ or even better still download the free trial and give it a spin yourself.

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